Guide | 27/05/2019

How to sign an iOS mobile app (June 2019)

Every iOS mobile app needs signing before publishing. Below you will find a handy guide that will lead you through this process. Check yourself how easy it is.

1. Enroll with Apple Developer Program

Follow the official guide from the Apple website. You can find it under this link:

2. Log in to your account and create App Store Distribution Certificate

a) Click „+” to start the process

b) Select “App Store and Ad Hoc” radio button in the “Production” section

c) Create a CSR file following the instructions on the screen and click “Continue”

d) Upload the CSR file created in previous step and click “Continue”

e) Download and install certificate (by double clicking on the certificate file)

3. Create a unique application identifier

a) Click “App IDs” in “Identifiers” section at the right-hand side of the site. Then click the “+” button to create an app ID

b) Enter your application name at “App ID Description” section

c) Provide “Explicit App ID” at “App ID Suffix” section
Note: the ID should be unique as it will be used during application signing and App Store upload
Click “Continue” to display a summary

d) Click “Done” at the bottom of the site if all the information are correct

4. Create a provisioning profile for your app

a) Select “All” in “Provisioning profiles” section at the right-hand side of Apple Developer website and click the “+” button to add a new profile

b) Select the “App Store” radio button in the “Distribution” section and click “Continue”

c) Select the previously created App ID from the drop-down menu and click “Continue”

d) Select the previously created distribution certificate and click “Continue”

e) Name provisioning profile and click “Continue”

f) Download your provisioning profile from the summary site

5. Sign your application

a) Download the iOS App Signer application from this website: and install it

b) Select .ipa file to sign

c) Select the signing certificate from the drop-down menu

d) Choose the provisioning profile downloaded from the developer site

e) Setup a new application name and add version info (optional)

f) Click “Start” to sign and save the new file on disk

6. Submit your app to the App Store

Follow the official guide on Apple website:

7. Upload signed .ipa file to App Store Connect

Follow the official guide on Apple website:

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