Guide | 12/06/2019

How to publish an iOS app in the Apple App Store (June 2019)

The development of such tools as Apiffee makes app creation process easier than ever. A few clicks and… done. But the app creation is just the beginning. You want somebody else than yourself to use your app, right? Follow the steps below to publish your iOS app in the Apple App Store.

1. For starters, you have to create your app with Apiffee (duh!) 😊

2. Sign your app

Before you start the process of publishing your app, you have to sign it. You can learn how to do this from one of our previous blog posts: “How to sign an iOS mobile app? (June 2019)

3. Create app in App Store Connect

a) Log in to App Store Connect  with your Apple ID and password

b) Enter “My Apps” and click on “+” sign

c) Choose “New App”

d) Choose “iOS” platform, enter “App Name”, select “Language” and “Bundle ID” (as on certificates generated during the app signing process), enter “SKU” (e.g., SKU1324APPNAME), and click on “Create” to continue

e) Enter “App information” and choose the appropriate category

f) Go to “Pricing” and choose suitable pricing tier (learn more about various app business models here:

g) Upload  “Screenshots” from your app, enter your app’s description and suitable keywords

h) Upload your app’s icon, enter rating and all the other necessary details like name, e-mail address, contact number, etc.

i) Provide “Contact Information” and choose to “Automatically Release App”

4. Upload your app from Application Loader

a) Launch the Xcode development environment (

b) Choose Xcode > Open Developer Tool > Application Loader from the menu bar

c) Log in with your Apple ID and Password

d) Click “Deliver Your App“

e) Select the .ipa file of your app, then click “Open” and “Next”

f) Wait for the Application Loader to upload your file. Once your file is uploaded, you will see a green check (this implies that your app has been submitted to Apple)

g) Click “Done”

5. Send your app for review

a) Log in to your App Store Connect account with your Apple ID and Password

b) Click on “My app” and select your uploaded app 

c) Select “Prepare for submission now”, and click on “+” in “Build” section

d) Select latest uploaded build, then click “Done”

e) Click “Save“ and then “Submit for Review”

f) If your app contains ads, select “Yes”. If not, select “No”

6. Wait for Apple to review and accept your app

When Apple finishes reviewing your app, the app will be visible in the Apple App Store – congratulations!

If you want to learn how to publish your Android app in Google Play, read one of our other blog posts.

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